Video: Inside Roxy Olin’s Closet


The City's Roxy tells she loves "spikes on everything. I don’t know if it’s thanks to Rihanna, but I love leather and spikes and I’ve seen them on a lot of jackets and sandals." But surprisingly, video footage of the contents of her closet — which, like her as a new twentysomething New Yorker, doesn't seem to be struggling at all — reveals no spikes. "I have a lot of leather in my closet, but also feathers, sailor outfits, crazy headdresses, sparkles, spandex," she tells Bluefly. She can't quite pronounce Pour la Victoire, but saves herself when it comes to her Yves Saint Laurent shoes and just calls the label "YSL."

Closet Confessions: Roxy Olin [Bluefly]
The City’s Roxy Olin on Her Evolving Style and Taking Kelly Cutrone’s Advice []

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