Video: JWOWW Shows Off Filthy Couture’s Padded Cups and Lace-Trimmed Bikini Bottoms


Just in time for bathing-suit season, JWOWW has fully unveiled her clothing line, Filthy Couture, for the women who want to look just like her. That means: The corsets come with padded cups! And those presumably exact enough pressure on normal women's breasts to make them look as though they're not actually flesh, but just skin stretched over upside-down cereal bowls. All the bathing suits look like the regular underwear at Frederick's of Hollywood and come with ruching in the butt area and lace or chain detailing. JWOWW claims she doesn't want to put her line in stores. "I don’t want to sell to the masses; I want to sell to just people that like my stuff. I don’t want people to walk in a store that has multiple other designers and just happen to go by my rack and say, 'I like it,'" she tells MTV. Well, that's a convenient excuse if no buyers want to buy it. Imagine that situation.

JWOWW Shows Off Filthy Couture [MTV]