Who Wore It Better, Aretha Franklin ... or Aretha Franklin?!

At the Apollo last night (left) and the Tonys the night before last.

Aretha Franklin wore the same dress she wore to the Tony awards Sunday night to the Apollo Theater Awards Monday night. She accessorized with the same necklace, boa, and shoes, but changed her hair. This is awesome, because honestly, wearing the same thing two nights in a row is not some freakish thing — who hasn't worn the same thing they wore on a Friday out again on Saturday because they were going out with different people and the outfit happened not to smell too badly of cigarette smoke and sweat? Maybe that's why Aretha changed her weave — Febreze can't work on everything.

Aretha Franklin Repeats Dress Two Nights In A Row, Changes Wig (PHOTOS, POLL) [HuffPo]