220 Models to Attempt Mile-Long Runway in Denmark


Copenhagen Fashion Week is getting a healthy amount of attention leading up to its kickoff next month by boasting of their record-breaking mile-long catwalk. Helena Christensen will cut the ribbon at the runway, which is supposed to be 50 feet longer than the longest runway Guinness has on record (which was erected by Thailand's Pattaya International Fashion Week).

On August 14, 220 models will walk down Christensen's mile-long runway wearing outfits by more than 500 Scandinavian labels. A giant mile-long fashion show sounds spectacular, but how are they planning on taking care of the models? Will rest stations hand out energy bars? Will people run alongside them, like at the Tour de France, and throw Gatorade at them? Because if they have to walk to one end of the thing and back, they'll have to work it all sexylike for two miles. While everyone stares at them. And if they're wearing heels, they might also set some kind of blister-related record.

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