Armani Privé Designed Megan Fox’s Wedding Dress


If Ivanka Trump's wedding dress was supposed to inspire a vicious wave of sleeve lust, what will Megan Fox's wedding dress make unwed women everywhere pine for? Well, assuming they pine, it might be for no sleeves and the same strapless style brides have been latching on to for ages. Or no shoes. Fox, the face of Emporio Armani underwear, wore a silk chiffon dress designed, naturally, by Armani Privé. Its fanciness didn't hinder her from dragging its elegant train through the sand on the Hawaiian beach just inches from the surf for the ceremony, which involved hiding rings in a conch shell and blessing hands with a tea leaf. Partway through the ceremony, Fox removed her veil and threw on some leis, though no word yet on whether those were couture as well. Groom Brian Austin Green wore head-to-toe white linen, no tie. He may have been dressed less fussily, but he probably had to steam the hell out of his outfit before the ceremony.

PICS: Megan Fox's secret Hawaiian wedding ceremony [InStyle UK]