Bald Models With Molting Beards Hit the Runway in Berlin


The problem with showing a collection on professional male and female models made up to look yellow in the face and bald with thin scraps of facial hair is that it detracts completely from the clothes. Who cares what a chick's boxer shorts look like when she is topless and molting a beard, like a long-lost would-be Coneheads character, if only she had the full cone? But this is what designer Patrick Mohr's hair and makeup looked like in his show at Berlin Fashion Week today. The images are startling and disturbing, but the show may have gotten the most attention of any at this Berlin Fashion Week. The event isn't as big as Paris, Milan, New York, or even London Fashion Weeks, but designers are known to take more risks, The Wall Street Journal notes. Mohr's show is just one example of that, along with further proof that unkempt beards are happening. Or maybe this is a comment on some sort of hot new German reverse hormone therapy! See more behind-the-scenes and runway shots in the slideshow. (Some images NSFW.)