Best Bet: Erin Considine Trice Necklace


Brooklyn designer Erin Considine lavishes a little TLC on every piece in her ecofriendly jewelry line, using natural dyes to create brilliant ombré effects and hand-braiding/crocheting techniques to give 'em that special made-by-grandma feel. Fortunately, Considine is much hipper and more prolific than your grandma (no offense, O.G.!), and her work is all blessedly on-trend. This geometric three-ring pendant, for example — whose silk threads come in a moody palette of gray, navy, and copper — would pair excellently with a V-neck tee, denim skirt, fedora, and flats, i.e. your go-to outfit for summer music festivals, Sunday brunch, browsing at the Brooklyn Flea, etc. No fuss, no muss, no begging of octogenarians required.

Erin Considine Trice necklace, $120 at Dear Fieldbinder and online.