Best Bet: Lara Knutson’s Reflective Jewelry


A lot of designers throw around the phrase "day-to-night" dressing, but Lara Knutson's Nebula jewelry collection reinvents the concept. The Pratt industrial-design student's new line consists of a choker, a longer necklace, and a cuff made from microscopic glass beads — the lightweight material feels like gauzy fabric. In regular lighting, the linked gray beads take on the fluid shape of layered chains. But when the light hits them — whether from a subway car, streetlight, or camera flash — the reflective strands glow, emitting a metallic silver sheen. Whether twisted around your wrist or dangling at your neckline, these gleaming pieces make artfully cool, attention-grabbing accents.

Nebula jewelry, $65 for necklaces, $40 for cuff, at the MoMA Design Store.