Best Bet: Shizuka New York’s LED Gel Manicure


Anyone who has sat patiently through a professional manicure only to have it chip or peel a day or two later can appreciate the popularity of the gel system, which lasts weeks. This is especially important during the summer months, when chlorine and humidity are punishing to traditional polish. Until now, the standard gel manicure was set with UV light, which not only made the process take at least an hour, but exposed the hands to damaging rays. Shizuka New York has introduced an updated gel manicure system that uses LEDs instead of UVs. Not only is it healthier, it takes about half the time to set and the results are just as pretty. Best of all? Shizuka offers a no-chip guarantee: If your gel nails chip or lift within ten days of treatment, they'll reset them for free.

LED Gel manicure, $40 through Labor Day at Shizuka New York.