Slideshow: Twelve Best Looks From Paris Couture


Couture is a dying art. It encompasses the world's smallest workshops, accessible to only the privileged few, and boasts techniques and workmanship operating at a level most of us can't even dream about. That said, I love that it exists alongside the H&Ms of the world, and really want to see it continue.

The couture showings this week in Paris, although not intended for the masses, were still reflective of the times. The trends were widely neutral (with a continuation of the camel craze from fall), more conservative (no short-short dresses here), and less theatrical than in years past. And though it was a slightly more honest take on fashion, it's still couture at the end of the day, which meant miles of tulle, loads of sequins and beads, and eveningwear galore.

Click ahead to see a slideshow of my favorite looks — the kind of pieces you'll never find in the long-dress department at Saks. Long may it last.