Blake Lively Accused of Showing Too Much Cleavage at Comic-Con


It's no secret that when Blake Lively leaves the house, she does so breasts first. However, at Comic-Con yesterday, she exposed perhaps more cleavage than she ever has at a public appearance, in a stunning Preen number. The top was quite remarkable in that, though cut well above her belly button, it created cleavage as eye-popping as a bathing suit or leotard with one of those V-necks cut down below the navel. Also, even without side boob and side-under boob, it's almost impossible to look at her face or even contemplate the awkward giant ruffle on her waistband. The world is instead left thinking: If she slouches, does the fabric pucker and let the boobs loose? If these are her daytime Comic-Con boobs, what do her nighttime Comic-Con boobs look like? How are the nerds handling this? Even though her chest became the story (instead of the film she went there to promote), this was the perfect futuristic-looking thing to wear to the convention. The attendees probably thought they would only dream of the day they'd see a rack that looked like it could fly like a spaceship.

Eyes front, Ryan! Blake Lively's top leaves very little to the imagination [Daily Mail UK]
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