Chanel Announces New Men’s Fragrance; Whole Foods Cracks Down on Beauty Labels

• This fall, Chanel is debuting Bleu de Chanel, the house’s first major men’s fragrance since 2004. And the brand has tapped Martin Scorsese to direct the commercial. Sorry, “short film.” [WWD]

Prada’s popular Infusion d’Iris scent will be available in eau de toilette form this August. [WWD]

• By next June, Whole Foods plans to remove any beauty items from its shelves that are incorrectly labeled "organic," as determined by the USDA's certifiable-organic standards. They either have to measure up, or remove the misleading labeling. [BellaSugar]

• Lotta Luv’s ChapFix claims to be the most macho lip balm around. Steph Fogelson, Lotta Luv’s president, elaborates on its manliness: “The package is not round and bulgy, it lays flat in a pant pocket. There are also perforations on the side to allow for easy gripping. The package is a masculine black and red and the name is a clever play on the use of the word “chap.” [WWD]

• According to a recent poll, blondes earn more than brunettes or redheads, but they also spend more and are more likely to overdraw their bank accounts. [StyleList]

• Does the thought of wearing concealer, foundation, and powder scare you? Makeup artist Sam Fine offers tips on how to layer your products without looking like a pageant queen. [Girls in the Beauty Dept./Glamour]