Christian Lacroix’s New Designer Wants to Do a Target or H&M Line

Lacroix's new menswear.

Christian Lacroix's new designer, Sacha Walckhoff, who now helms the label without Lacroix, is trying to pull the company out of debt and modernize it a bit. Lacroix's passion may have been couture, but that won't sustain a label nowadays. Many high-end designers looking to stay current and get a bunch of free mass marketing collaborate with mass retailers like Target. Walckhoff isn't opposed to the idea.

He told the Huffington Post:

Yes why not. Because its [sic] part of what I've been wanting: to get people to touch Lacroix at last. Brands like Target and H&M would be ideal for that. Of course, I won't do a couture dress for a mass retailer, but to do a small collection for one would be lovely. I'm open to it. Lacroix is luxury, but the brand's DNA, as the Spring 2011 collection shows, is about mixing the luxurious and the rough. This creates a large territory to play and craft something everyone could love.

Well, the key is not just love, it's afford. As the world saw, love wasn't enough to keep the label's Über-fancy stuff alive.

Christian Lacroix for Target? Sacha Walckhoff Says, Don't Rule It Out! [HuffPo]