Crystal Renn Is Still ‘a Solid Size 10,’ But Has Been Hiking a Lot


After pictures of an unusually thin Crystal Renn shocked the blogosphere, the model's agent, Gary Dakin, confirmed to Fashionista that Renn “is still a 39-40 hip (she fluctuates like any woman), and a solid size 10.” He's sure because she was just measured for a fitting last week after a shoot for French Vogue (so not only is she still her normal size, she's getting plenty of bookings, too). “She has no urge [to lose weight],” he said. So if the tape measure doesn't lie, why has she been looking so much thinner in photos? Dakin said that she's been on a hiking kick after taking a trip to Patagonia, so it's possible she simply appears more toned.

Fair enough. A girl's got the right to do some trekking if she chooses, and we can probably all agree that Renn's health is infinitely more important than her weight. The real question is, should her weight be written about? As we've said before, in a perfect world, this wouldn't be a story. But Renn herself has contributed to the conversation about the politics of weight and beauty (her book, Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves, came out last September), and we can't ignore the fundamental link between the two.

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