Crystal Renn Appears to Have Lost More Weight


Ford posted photos of Crystal Renn posing in a Fashion for Passion tank, sales of which benefit photographer Nicholas Routzen's campaign for children and the arts. The blogosphere is shocked by how much weight she appears to have lost, especially after she looked to have lost weight before walking in the last Chanel cruise show, which was huge for her career. "These are one set of images we actually hope were photoshopped, for her sake," writes the Huffington Post. "Remember a few weeks ago when former plus-size model Crystal Renn walked in the Chanel Cruise show and everyone was, like, oh my gosh, she's lost so much weight? Well, it looks like that was just the beginning," says Racked.

Normally stories about a famous woman's weight fluctuations — damned if they lose, damned if they gain — just seem unfair. It's unsettling to read the same kind of things about Crystal Renn, too, but sadly, a model's career is so traditionally tied to her size and shape that if she is losing weight, it might affect her bookings. While Renn's curves are what made her successful, models are traditionally rewarded for being thin. It's unclear whether a plus-size model as famous as Renn would likewise be rewarded for weight loss, but hopefully she has no reason to try. It would be nice for any model's weight fluctuations, no matter what size she makes it big at, to not dramatically affect her work, and for stories like these not to be stories.

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