Dolce Vita Did a Target Collection That Hits the New Harlem Store Long Before Other Locations


Dolce Vita is doing a line of shoes for Target that launches exclusively in the new Harlem location when it opens on Sunday, before hitting more Target doors on August 22. Images are out of three styles, including the $29.99 gray studded oxford, the $34.99 black buckle ankle boot, and the $34.99 black lace-up boot. These prices are much lower than Dolce Vita's main line, which often hover in the $150-and-above range.

Dolce Vita joins the Toledos in creating exclusive fashion products for the store. But do these kinds of products make you feel like you absolutely must visit the store immediately when it opens this weekend, or is brunch your highest priority?

First Look: Dolce Vita for Target [Racked NY]