Dree Hemingway and Abbey Lee Have a Bag Fight in Karl Lagerfeld’s New Chanel Video


What to do when your room at the Grand Palais is so stuffed full of Chanel bags that you can't move without tripping over them? Invite the sexy hotel porter to have a bag fight, obviously. In Karl Lagerfeld's newly posted short film, "Shopping Fever," Dree Hemingway and Abbey Lee play a pair of pampered young shoppers who enlist Baptiste Giabiconi to entertain them after a long day of pillaging the Chanel store, which so exhausts them that they must collapse among their 800-thread-count pillows for a nap at the end. No one's winning an Oscar anytime soon, especially Dree, who flops about awkwardly on the couch in what we think is supposed to be a fit of petulance. However, the clothes are fabulous, particularly Abbey's knit cap. Plus, seeing models tripping and falling over paper bags is always funny. [Official site]