Nooka Venus Shades Designed for ‘Chic Aliens’


Praise for Nooka's other planetary-themed sunglasses have already been sung, but we couldn't resist giving Nookaholics an early peek at the newest addition to the collection. The Venus shades, which officially launch tomorrow but are available via presale now, are framed in polished stainless steel and feature light-deflecting mirrored lenses, making them a hair more sleek and substantial than their brightly colored polymer predecessors.

The $270 price tag is no laughing matter, of course, but Nooka founder/designer Matthew Waldman believes the launch fills a hole in the market — specially one for oversize, futuristic unisex shades. His specific inspiration? "Space travel and fantasies of chic aliens."

Waldman also told us he's working on a hybrid watch for 2011 that's essentially "the Zot meets the Zen-V on the asymmetrical Zirc form, but in a new, more stain-resistant polyurethane rubber." Alien-speak translation: It'll be out of this world.