Vaseline Introduces Skin-Lightening Facebook App; New ‘Vampire Face-lift’ Is Bloody Disturbing

• Reese Witherspoon went platinum for her upcoming role in Water for Elephants. [Girls in the Beauty Dept./Glamour]

• Models Tomek Szczukiecki and Marcel Castenmiller sport flowy, highlighted locks in Versace’s latest menswear campaign. [Design Scene]

• Amy Strozzi, Sarah Palin’s makeup artist, has been nominated for an Emmy — for her work on So You Think You Can Dance, not for any of Palin’s recent looks. [CNN]

• Even plastic surgeons are cashing in on the vampire craze. The new “vampire face-lift” involves combining a fibrin mixture with the patient’s own blood and injecting it back into the face. [Jezebel]

• Snooki told Meghan McCain that she’s against the Obama administration’s tax on tanning booths. She voted for John McCain “because he was really cute,” but the Jersey Girl is registered as an Independent. [Daily Beast]

• Vaseline has launched a skin-lightening app for Facebook in India, so users can make their profile pics whiter. Even more upsetting is the fact that many of these lightening creams have health risks associated with them. [Feministing]