Here Are Some Padded Panties to Give You a ‘Trendy’ Big Butt


According to the Daily News, "Big bums are shaping up to be the summer of 2010's hottest trend." One might argue that this season is a good time for the ass because, while many fall 2010 looks were all about boobs, many spring 2010 looks included panties instead of more legitimate bottoms. However, the Daily News says big butts are in because Serena Williams, Beyoncé, and Kim "Will Not Go Away" Kardashian have them. Also Lourdes recently blogged that she is "totally obsessive about '80s shorts ... the kind that makes your butt look kinda big." If that's not a phrase to start a trend, what is? Anyway, the helpful ladies over at SheFinds have found some undergarments to help those of you ladies with small butts to look more voluptuous in the rear. If you're not into the ass bra, you can try the $30 pair of padded underwear by Pure Style Girlfriends (what — was "Clothes Spirit Babes" already taken?). Because in the summer, you need something to accelerate your butt sweating.

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