Iggy Pop Is Barneys’ New BFF


Die-hard rock-and-rollers, rebel wannabes, and punk poseurs have new reason to celebrate: On July 19, Barneys Co-Op will unveil its newest line of Archive 1887 tees, featuring Iggy Pop's manic mug plastered across them. Archive 1887, launched by the Thread Shop and Sony Music, slaps arty relics and rare photos (shot by such stalwarts as Mick Rock, Jim Marshall, and Lynn Goldsmith) from the Sony Music archives onto T-shirts, crop tops, racer-back tanks, and more. Each garment's hang tag comes with a key that can be worn as a necklace and an online code that, when punched in at Archive 1887's website, unlocks a streaming playlist, musician career bio, etc. (Get it? The key unlocks the playlist ... oh, never mind.) The Iggy crews and V-neck tees are priced at $58, the raglan ones at $84. So, still cheaper than buying them in their original form from some New York vintage retailers.