In Absence of a Sex Scandal, Maybe John Daly’s Lucky Purple Pants Can Keep People Excited About Golf


Golf is not supposed to be a loud sport. The clothes, the clapping, the announcing — it's all soft, muffled, nonthreatening. Golf doesn't walk into a room and say "Hey! Pass the cheese plate!" It patters in quietly, takes a seat in the corner, and enjoys its occasional moments in the mass Us Weekly–level spotlight. But now that Tiger Woods's shenanigans are no longer news, how can his sport retain all that glorious attention? Maybe with John Daly's lucky purple paisley pants, which The Wall Street Journal so perfectly calls "extraordinary trousers":

He felt comfortable enough at the Champions Dinner Tuesday night to wear a wild flowered jacket amid the somber gray suits of his fellow former winners. As for the pants, he’s worn them to such good effect in the first rounds of three recent tournaments that he donned them again today. He calls them his “good luck start pants.”

“The good thing about all these pants [made by one of his sponsors, Loudmouth Golf] is that you can get dressed in the dark, because every shirt is going to match,” Mr. Daly told the press after his round.

But just because the pants match everything doesn't mean they also don't clash with everything, grass included.

Daly, His Pants Take Course by Storm [Daily Fix/WSJ]