Karlie Kloss Solidifies Her Signature Pose in the New Dior Campaign


Every supermodel has a pose — their pose, their look, that one shot they do over and over again that is quintessentially that one amazing girl and no one else. Cindy Crawford had the squinty-eyed, open-mouth pout. Naomi Campbell throws back her head with a big, toothy grin like no other. And as the world watches 17-year-old Karlie Kloss grow up along with her already incredible career in fashion, she seems to have solidified her signature look, exemplified in her brand new fall 2010 Dior campaign. Her pose — what we'll call "The Karlie" — is that downcast, vampy, arched-eyebrow glare that only she does. In the span of three years, Karlie has become the leading face of her generation, and The Karlie seems destined for modeling history, along with Gisele's legs and Adriana's pout. See a brief history of The Karlie, including her new fall Dior campaign, in the slideshow.