Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss Land September i-D Covers


Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Lady Gaga each shot a separate cover for i-D's September issue, according to the Daily Mail. This is a coup for Gaga, because although she's not the magazine's only September cover star, this brings her September cover total to two on top of her Vanity Fair cover. Gaga reportedly got her own i-D cover after Naomi and Kate refused to do a shoot with her.

From the Daily Mail:

'Kate and Naomi were to do a joint cover shoot but the editor wanted to add Gaga as well,’ says my source.

‘Naomi and Kate refused to play second fiddle to Gaga and insisted on having their own retouching done, so they were all shot separately.

Never mind that they all shot for the same magazine so they'll all be judged side by side anyway. But at least by shooting separately they wouldn't have had to talk to — or worse, touch — each other. And the i-D editors probably saved a bunch of money on migraine medication, hair extensions, etc., not having those three in a room together.

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell's noses out of joint after Lady GaGa joins magazine fashion shoot [Daily Mail UK]