Slideshow: 30 Modern Spins on Mad Men Style


It's official: The whole world has gone mad for Mad Men. As the show returns to AMC for its fourth season and sixties nuts gather in Times Square for the channel's big public premiere, it's only natural to want to dress the part. Or at least part of the part. (Yes to curve-hugging cardigans. No to a thousand pounds of crinoline.) Recently the show's Emmy-award-winning costume designer, Janie Bryant, unveiled her vintage-inspired clothing collab with QVC, but even those pieces might make some fashion-forward dames feel like costumed cheeseballs. Which brings us to this: a slideshow of 30 sexy sheath dresses, fanciful clutches, racy heels, and even a few swanky ties for the gents — all of them a salute to the sixties, but none of them so costumey that you'll look like you're dressed up for Halloween.