Nine More Potentially Offensive Nail-Polish Names


This week, M.A.C informed editors that it was changing the names of products in the Rodarte collection, probably because the nail polish called "Juarez" turned into a decent-size controversy after a blogger pointed out that the real Juarez in Mexico is plagued with violence. Eventually the Post and Fox News got wind of the story, after Rodarte and M.A.C said in statements that they did not intend to offend anyone and that the name was only meant to call attention to the beauty of the area. Indeed, why pounce on this particular polish? Tons of nail polishes with silly names haven't been dragged across the coals. And lots of people could be offended by them if they bothered to make a connection to a certain plight — the plight of women, the plight of rain forests, the plight of the Gulf states. This is the age of the Internet — everything can be offensive! Click ahead to see a slideshow of other unintentionally offensive nail polishes.