New Yorkers Won’t Travel More Than Ten Minutes to Donate Clothes


This September, New York City plans to launch one of the largest clothing-recycling initiatives in the country. Officials will install 50 clothing-collection bins throughout the boroughs; the aim is to make it as easy for New Yorkers to donate clothing as it is to throw it away — a lofty goal, considering a recent Goodwill Industries survey found that more than half of all adults who donate clothing won’t travel more than ten minutes to make said donation. If the initiative succeeds, it could greatly reduce the estimated 190,000 pounds of textiles New Yorkers toss yearly. Which seems excessive, until you think of all the still-wearable garments people cram into garbage bags whenever they move to an apartment with less closet space. Goodwill spokesman Alfred Vanderbilt says "There has not been another program like this that we know of. We think they are being very creative and we hope this sets a new standard." More important, let's hope regular shoppers of Buffalo Exchange and Beacon's Closet don't get any big ideas about five-finger discounts. [Yahoo]