100-Year-Old WWD Headline: ‘Talk of a Craze for Black in Paris’


One hundred years ago today, WWD's first printed issue came out, with a price of one cent per copy. And reading it today is rather amusing! The first issue included a story titled "Talk of a Craze for Black in Paris," about how hot blonde English chicks look at funerals:

"Much has been said of the Black Ascot," says The Bystander, London. "The obvious fact, however, that the peculiar beauty of the Englishwoman, particularly the blonde, is never seen to better advantage than in mourning, has not been generally admitted. Certainly, rarely or never have the well known beauties of London society been better appreciated than by their admirers of 1910. Foreign visitors are said to have been particularly impressed on this occasion, and there is already talk of une mode noire in Paris."

As for the "coming fashion in hats" a century ago, the paper reported "the prospect is more more certain than in the case of skirts." Damn batty skirts! Read more fun ye olde fashion trade stories on the issue's full front page.

The Changing Face of WWD [WWD]