One Miu Miu Dress Landed Three Summer Covers


Never mind the people on the covers of magazines — it's the clothes that got them there. Without the clothes there would be no fashion magazines and no covers for them to pout their pretty lips on. And at least one dress by Miu Miu, ranging in price from $2,300, to $4,900, has become a celebrity in its own right this season, appearing on the covers of three summer magazines: Eva Mendes wore it on the July cover of W, Lily Allen wore it on the August cover of British Elle, and Freja Beha wore it on the August cover of British Vogue. The Guardian notes that while celebrities may book multiple covers in a month or a period of two or three, this is unusual for clothes. And while magazines like British Elle routinely share cover people, editor Lorraine Candy told the Guardian she didn't really like sharing her August cover dress. "Obviously I'd rather it wasn't on a major rival," she said.

But every season has a few iconic looks that are shot over and over again, such as the Balmain dress Demi Moore wore so famously on the cover of W. But maybe this Miu Miu dress that has encased all these famous breasts can serve as a reminder that before there were celebrities there were clothes, and that they — not people — are the true stars of this business.

How did the same dress get on the covers of W, Elle and Vogue? [Guardian UK]