Orlando Bloom Is Supposedly Telling Strangers Miranda Kerr Is Grumpy Because She’s Pregnant


Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom don't plan to officially announce to the people that Kerr is three months pregnant, as multiple outlets have been reporting for months. But they're reportedly telling individual persons anyway — strangers as well as famous friends — that she's with child. One of Kerr's fellow Victoria's Secret models already told Us Weekly anonymously that Kerr is pregnant, and now model Jessica White is talking about it freely, too, like it's her pregnancy to announce and enjoy publicity from:

"She's preggos! I'm very excited."

So everyone with a spot of information on the state of Miranda's uterus can enjoy a bit of fame — charity fame, but fame nonetheless. Even a member of the staff at the hotel Miranda and Orlando stayed at for their honeymoon is getting a scrap:

A hotel worker said: "He kept apologising for Miranda being grumpy.

"He said she wasn't well as she was pregnant. They looked very much in love."

What? "Don't mind my wife — she's just grumpy because she's carrying my child." True love!

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