Rich Ladies Are Shopping the New Lanvin Store by Candlelight


The Lanvin store on Madison Avenue — the label's first stand-alone in New York — was supposed to open this week, however the opening has been delayed owing to electrical problems. But! The rich ladies who can't wait to shop there are being let in to shop by candlelight. It goes to show you how badly Lanvin fans want to spend their money in a place that sells only Lanvin: They are willing to paw through the racks — perhaps even the furs — without air conditioning. Racked braved the un–air-conditioned rooms, and reports that the store is amazing and they want to move in. But of course — who wouldn't take a place with real fox fur benches that's full of extraordinary clothes over their own apartments, where there's not even room for a bench?

Lanvin Secretly Open; Shoppers Browsing by Candlelight [Racked NY]