Rihanna Prompts Suspicions That Today’s Divas Are Actually Clowns


The Times recently analyzed Lady Gaga's effect on modern divas everywhere and determined that the collective realization that they'd have to be at once edgier and more vapid in order to keep up with her has only been met with varying degrees of success. But maybe what Lady Gaga has brought out in divas is not a desperation to be edgy, but their truest selves. And maybe those truest selves aren't that complicated. Maybe at heart, these ladies are just clowns. And maybe that's why Rihanna went out in L.A. this week with Bozo-red hair and a polka-dotted jumpsuit. And maybe when you tug on that bow on her shoulder, water spurts out the center.

Rihanna's Polka Dot Jumpsuit: Classy Or Clownish? (PHOTOS, POLL) [HuffPo]