Some Pieces in JWOWW’s Line Will Cost Over $1,000


The Guardian says the age of fast fashion is slowing; women are more interested in investing in long-lasting basics than things from Forever 21 that only survive about two wash cycles. Could JWOWW have had the foresight to identify such a cultural shift in pricing her Filthy Couture clothing line? Because it's kind of pricey for what it is. "The bathing-suit separates will go for $50 to $80, dresses are $150 to $350, and the more extreme handmade pieces will be over $1,000," she says. Obviously, she's doing handmade custom pieces for her celebrity clientele, which probably begins and ends at Snooki. "The T-shirts will be from $60 to $100, and so will the jeans." But at least you can say she designed it. [StyleList]