Stefano Tonchi’s First W Cover Suggests It’s Becoming ‘Less of a Fashion-Obsessed Publication’


Nathaniel Goldberg shot Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall for the August cover of W, the first under editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi's tutelage. When he was hired in March, Tonchi said he wanted to make the magazine more accessible, "probably ... more of a general-interest style magazine, and less of a fashion-obsessed publication." This cover — with clothes being anything but the focus — suggests that's what Tonchi's doing. Check out the other covers in W's archive and you'll see that even with celebrities on the cover, the focus was as much on them as what they wore and how they were styled. But this cover suggests Tonchi wants us to do that rare thing with his style magazine, something more than look at the pretty pictures of the pretty people, like learn things about the pretty people by, oh God, reading the articles. To his credit, the Hamm and Hall Q&A lacks a certain puffiness.

Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall [W]