Slideshow: Introducing ‘Street Comber,’ Our New Street-Style Aggregator


Make no mistake: Street-style blogs are booming. From established biggies like the Sartorialist and Facehunter to up-and-comers like Advanced Style and The MidWasteland, style sighting is a global trend that's inspired every rube within arm's reach of a button box to take up sartorial documentation. But try as you might, it's next to impossible to keep up with 100-plus bookmarked style blogs. That's where we come in. Starting today, and every Friday from here on out, The Cut will put together a slideshow featuring the very best street style and personal style snapshots uploaded from around the world during that given week. Old, young, male, female, trendy, clueless — doesn't matter. If they've got the je ne sais quoi, the fashion stones, the "It" factor, you'll find 'em here. Click ahead to meet the sixteen individuals who made the first cut.