Taylor Momsen: ‘I Think Firing My Stylist Has Allowed Me to Be More Free; I Was Getting Molded Into This Thing That Wasn’t Who I Am’


Taylor Momsen has defined her style pretty well for a girl who will turn just 17 in five days. It's easy to list her likes, her style signatures: underwear as outerwear, tiny dresses, eyeliner, dark lipstick, messy hair, eyeliner, and mascara and more mascara. But she tells MTV Style in new video interviews that describing her style is "the hardest question to answer." She says later, "I think firing my stylist has allowed me to be more free. I was getting molded into this thing that wasn’t who I am." She explains that she dresses for herself — not to be provocative — and looks at dressing her body like dressing her doll collection.

Lots of young girls go through a provocative phase, wanting to show off their hot bodies, saying it's something they do for themselves as though walking around in garters, a T-shirt, and no pants is akin to going to the spa. But it's not like going to the spa, especially when you're a young woman who is photographed all the time and will be copied by the youth of America. Taylor's a great-looking girl, she's successfully made herself edgy, but she could still look great and be edgy without performing in her underwear and clear heels filled with money. Just because Beyoncé told 60 Minutes she thinks performing nearly naked is empowering, doesn't mean it is.

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