Video: Meet the People Who Risked Mingling With Bedbugs to Shop at Abercrombie and Hollister


Yesterday the Abercrombie on the Seaport reopened after closing for six days to treat a bedbug problem. The store's infestation followed that of its brother Hollister store in Soho, which also recently reopened after closing for just three days to eradicate the vermin. Yesterday we visited both the Abercrombie and Hollister stores to find out how shoppers felt about buying clothing in the stores, considering expert bedbug exterminators from M&M Environmental recommend closing for at least seven to ten days to treat these kinds of infestations. A spokeswoman from M&M Environmental familiar with the cases came by to tell us a little more about bedbugs and show us the protective gear professional bedbug exterminators use when entering a bedbug zone.

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