Will Julia Roberts and Chelsea Clinton Inspire a Craze for Big, Floppy Hats?


Who do we thank for the spectacular image of Chelsea Clinton popping into Vera Wang's studio wearing a raffia headpiece that awesomely enveloped almost her entire head? The aptly named Hat Attack, that's who. That's the label that made the $80 Raffia Sun Hat Chelsea wears in the picture. (And if any hat can be said to attack, it's that one.) Hat Attack also made the floppy raffia fedora Julia Roberts wears in the sap-fest* that will be the Eat Pray Love movie. Hat Attack says orders are up since images of Roberts in the hat came out, and the same thing is likely to happen with Chelsea's model. And why shouldn't they spark a big floppy-hat craze? Giant hats are perfect for summer hiding — like if you're at the pool and a stranger tries to say silly things to you, you can just turn your brim down, get back to your book, and pretend you're not in their presence.

*Not that this will stop us from seeing it without shame by any means. You?

Hat Attack [Official site]
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