You Can Buy United Bamboo’s Cat Dresses at Opening Ceremony for $500

They match! Match your cat!!

Sometimes fashion trends grow over periods of years. Lace, for example, has trickled its way down from the Prada runway to the tights of half the 19-year-olds in the East Village and 90 percent of the blouses at Forever 21. Cats and cat imagery are similarly gaining momentum in the clothing business. Just yesterday noticed what we've been saying for ten months: Cats are having a fashion moment. Not dogs, cats. Cats, you dog people! Finally, the clothes the sexy cat models showcase in United Bamboo's 2010 calendar are available for sale, exclusively, at the coolest store in the world, Opening Ceremony. Two feline looks are available, each for $500.

Most of you are probably looking at these images, spellbound, and thinking, Dogs? What dogs? But for the small percentage of you still holding on to your pooches and bags of their poo, Roberto Cavalli makes some outfits for those little guys that would be fantastic for the Jersey Shore boardwalk.

Got $500? [Cat Party]