GQ, V, and Interview’s September Issues All Feature 3-D Armani Exchange Ads

The ad, in regular old 2-D.

This week, Marc Ecko's Cut & Sew line unveiled an ad campaign starring a 3-D Lindsay Lohan hologram, and in July, Time Out New York joined Dazed and Confused on the growing list of mags embracing multidimensional editorial and advertising. Now Armani Exchange is getting in on the action, launching a 3-D ad campaign for the September issues of GQ, Interview, and V. "A survey we did showed that half our customers had an iPhone or a BlackBerry two years ago," said Tom Jarrold, who seems to believe that somehow means they'd also appreciate a 3-D ad. But wait — there's more! The 3-D glasses that accompany the Matthew Scrivens–shot print ads will also enhance a futuristic, corresponding web video about a motorcycle rider. Okay, whatever, 3-D or not, it stars Arthur Sales as a biker and Tamiris Souza Freitas as his lusty interest, and it ends with them making out while they undress. How could it not be awesome? [WWD]