ALERT: Gisele Eats Cheese Bread


You've probably always had a burning curiosity to know what it's like to be Gisele. Or maybe you haven't, but go ahead and pretend that you do now since it's a summer Friday and you're either not at work or completely mentally checked out. In behind-the-scenes footage from her shoot for the Hope lingerie campaign, we can see that when she gets her hair and makeup done, it requires the labor and staring of no less than five people. We also see in this RARE FOOTAGE OF GISELE IN THE WILD that she eats — hold on to your thighs — Brazilian cheese bread. Just a tiny square, but still, carbs and fatty dairy combined into one calorie-containing morsel. After that, she goes onto her shoot and dances around in her underwear with all the confidence of the hottest woman in the world who doesn't know what baby weight is. So while we still might not know what she and Tom Brady talk about when no one's around ("I love you!" "I love you more!" "Gym time ttylaterzzzzzzzz <3"?), at least we have a snapshot. Models eating cheese bread should totally be a mandatory international law by the U.N., like, you know.

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