Anna Wintour Gives Roger Federer Outfit Advice

Bradley Cooper, Bar Refaeli, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer at last night's benefit.

Roger Federer can't take any credit for looking so suave lately: He admitted at last night’s Nike Primetime Knockout benefit that he often consults with Anna Wintour about his ensembles both on and off the tennis court. “I kind of ask her sometimes what she thinks,” he said. “I get a very strong second opinion.” Does he ever go against her advice? “I asked her about the pink color I was wearing last week and she was like, 'Oh, you sure about that Roger?' Too late now! But I got good reviews." In any case, he explained, "It's nice to be able to dress nice on the tennis court. We try hard.”

Federer may be open to color suggestions, but he draws the line when it comes to skin, explaining that he has a hairy stomach. “You don’t want to see that,” he protested when Serena Williams demanded a courtside ab-off between Federer and Rafael Nadal (Nadal also declined, smiling modestly).

There was plenty of skin to be seen, however, between the short-skirted female tennis players and the very sportsmanly celebrities who took part in doubles matches for charity. Bar Refaeli teamed up with Nadal to take on Victoria Azarenka and Justin Tuck, and Bradley Cooper joined Maria Sharapova against Roger Federer and John McEnroe. What Refaeli lacked in tennis skills (she faulted several serves and giggled her way through rallies) she made up for with good humor, adding that she plays very little tennis. Cooper, on the other hand, was surprisingly nimble on the court, and he and Sharapova beat McEnroe and Federer in a seven-point match. (We must note that he probably would have taken off his shirt, too, had Williams asked.)