Anna Wintour’s Ex-Assistant Is Doing a Photography Exhibit on Fashion’s Night Out

It's like Dawson's Creek — 2010!

So now we know what became of Anna Wintour's ex-assistant Claiborne Swanson, who started at Vogue in April of 2008. She's a photographer! And this self-portrait is just one of the photographs you'll see in the exhibit she's hosting at Akris on Fashion's Night Out. In the time since she started at Vogue, it looks like she's gotten married, since she now goes by Claiborne Swanson Frank. Naturally, she wouldn't want to give up a name as important as Swanson, when it's on millions of TV dinners across the country. So she's been a buyer, a Vogue assistant, and is now a photographer. What a charming life. Don't you sometimes wish you could just go from one job to the next to Fashion's Night Out like her and see where life takes you?

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