Best Bet: Funky Fifties Graphic Pillows


So you bought the plain brown Ikea couch. A sensible choice, sure. It'll transition nicely from your studio-in-Manhattan-with-four-other-girls phase to your Cobble Hill-1B-with-a-sig-other-and-a–Boston Terrier years. But it's not exactly exciting. Punch up a dull everyman couch with one (or more!) of these cheery eighteen-by-twelve-inch cotton throw pillows from CB2. The peppy crosshatch pattern is vintage-inspired without looking dated, and available in lime, aqua, and soda-pop orange. Best of all, the pillows are machine-washable (good news for that Boston) and stuffed with feather down (since all you and the beau do these days is watch TV anyway).

Astro puff pillows, $14.95 each online.

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