Calvin Klein Wants to Ignore ‘Meaningless’ Trends, Build Houses From Scratch


When we ran into Calvin Klein this weekend at the Cinema Society & Urban Zen screening of Showtime's The Big C, we complimented him on the sultry Zoe Saldana Calvin Klein ads, but he quickly informed us, "I have nothing to do with any of it. I sold the company. I have nothing to do with it." Oh, okay, then. Since he is surely still at least an observer in the fashion world, we asked what trends he's sick of. But, no, he's pretty much over those, too: "You know, since I’m no longer involved in the fashion business, I’m so happy to not pay attention to trends because they are meaningless anyway. They are over fast. As soon as you see them, as soon as you see people wearing them, they are over. That’s it. As soon as you see it on someone, forget it."

One thing Klein was a tad happier to discuss: his new house in Southampton, which he says he is building from scratch. It'll be "contemporary, very contemporary," he promises, and loaded with glass surfaces. Well, here's hoping Windex never goes out of style.