CamelNot Promises to Hide Your Lady Bits

We get it, BrazaBra.

Lingerie company BrazaBra doesn’t want your pesky vagina standing between you and the numbingly tight jeggings of your dreams. No, in fact, the brand is so invested in the concealment of your nether regions that it’s launching a product called CamelNot, which, you guessed it, is designed to fight camel toe. They even kindly sent us an actual picture of a camel’s toe to illustrate their point. Thanks, BrazaBra! From what we can glean from the press release, CamelNot is some sort of panty liner that promises to hide your naughty bits behind a wall of Barbie-like smoothness. Although, if your clothes are so tight that you actually need to worry about products like these, then you’re probably not the type who would.