Robert Duffy Says Marc Jacobs Is ‘in the Very Beginning Stages’ of Creating Plus Sizes


Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs's business partner, has continued to overshare on Twitter, to the joy of both fans and the fashion press! Last week Duffy said, "We gotta do larger sizes," and now he's tweeted, "Listen, we are in the very beginning stages of talking to a partner about plus sizes. Relax. It won't be based on the collection line." After that, he added: "Yea. I guess I broke the news on twitter that we were going to have our first Marc Jacobs Mens Collection show in Milan. I'm over sharing." But, still unable to resist, he responded to a fan's query about his favorite designer besides Marc, even when he said he shouldn't: "I'm not going there. I personally know too many of them. I use to love wearing Helmut Lang. But......." Everybody @ him everything you've wanted to know about Marc Jacobs, before this gets shut down!

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