Christie Brinkley Sometimes Asks Strangers to Take Her Picture


Christie Brinkley's jewelry line for QVC may be made of sterling silver and polished gemstones, but the former model is determined to convince women that they can wear her pieces anywhere, like on their many clam-digging excursions. "I've been taking them out into real life and wearing them and taking a picture and putting them up on my Facebook so people can see [that] it's jewelry you can wear digging for clams," she said at the annual Super Saturday benefit for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in Water Mill this weekend. "I’ll wake up in the morning to make my coffee and I’ll put on my white robe and some of my jewelry and get my daughter Sailor to take photos." She also enlists houseguests and passersby on the beach to snap her photo. "Wherever we go I’ll be like, 'Can you snap a picture?'"

Like "the Situation" before her, Brinkley also shared her thoughts on the BP oil spill: "I have a home down there and I can’t even think about the ocean and BP and what a disaster that is. I’d like to get Obama out here so we can grill him about BP. I’ve always been very supportive [of Obama], but I must say it’s been extremely heartbreaking, nothing short of devastating watching this unfold.” Tearing up, she added: “The fact that that CEO is making deals and trying to get his golden parachute is just disgusting, as far as I am concerned. They should have fired him the first day, no severance, nothing.”

To lighten the mood, we asked her if she had advice for Chelsea Clinton from her extensive experience with marriage. Brinkley stuck to her initial agenda: “I’d tell her it’s all about the jewelry.”