Coco Rocha's Honeymoon in Corsica Involved a Short-Lived Love Affair with Olives

Newlyweds Coco Rocha and James Conran

When Coco Rocha’s then-hubby-to-be James Conran first suggested the Mediterranean island of Corsica as their honeymoon destination, Rocha thought “the name ‘Corsica’ sounded like a made-up world like Pandora, where the Na'vi live.” (Or, dare we mention, a popular Chevrolet model in the mid-nineties?) But oh how wrong she was! The model-slash-designer soon found that Corsica was “indeed real and in fact very beautiful,” as she writes in her honeymoon diary for the Huffington Post. She waxed lyrical about the tectonic forces that created the island (“a series of huge volcanic eruptions”) and the nature reserves that the newlyweds explored together, but remained tight-lipped about the actual (ahem) honeymoon stuff. In fact, the post is entirely G-rated, which is completely respectable but, of course, a bit disappointing. The juiciest portion involves an impromptu roadside skinny-dipping session: “James and I set off in our little rental car and hugged the tiny mountain roads, making stops at old abandoned stone farm houses and ice cold mountain waterfalls where we stripped down and swam.” Swam?!

In fact, it appears that the honeymoon’s zenith (or at least the part that Rocha will reveal) involved the lovebirds’ discovery of…olives! “Both James and I have always hated olives but, for some odd reason, we dared each other to try one in Corsica and we were instantly hooked! I don't know what it was about those olives, but they were amazing and when we came back to New York and tried an olive here, it just wasn't the same.” And thus, a marriage begins.

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