The Cut Photographs Courtney Love


The Cut has now interacted with What Courtney Wore Today, Courtney Love's personal-style blog, in an all-too-personal way. Finding ourselves sitting next to her at last night's fall 2010 ArgyleCulture Menswear presentation, she said: “What am I wearing tonight? You need to take the picture," while rummaging through her Birkin bag. She handed us an iPhone with a cracked screen, and jumped up and posed as we snapped (blurry) photos in the dimly lit space. Love returned to the sofa, put on Duane Reade eyeglasses, studied the photos, and murmured, “Yeah, like the details are really showing. I don’t know why I’m taking this seriously, but I am." She typed in the caption: "Givenchy top, Balenciaga skirt, Azzedine boots, McQueen knuckle duster clutch," and sent the post to her bloggers, Taylor and Laura. Voilà, our beautiful photo is now online there, next to her other sartorial triumphs!

Love expressed guilt about all the shopping she's been doing lately, though: "I have no credit cards. I shouldn’t even be spending money, really, but there’s some really good pre-fall," she said. "My manager and I had a very serious discussion today about my wardrobe budget, and tomorrow I’m going to Japan, and I said, ‘Listen, there are very few times you go to Japan and play with Slash and play for 100,000 people, and that’s all great, but I’m fucking shopping in Japan, okay?’” She added: "I have this fantastic wardrobe, but now I have to make, like, almost editorial choices. It’s really weird.” While she has no plans (yet) for New York Fashion Week next month, Love will be hitting Paris at events for V magazine and Givenchy, and we look forward to seeing the photos!

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